Digital Customer Service: What Customers Want

80% of surveyed said they used digital customer service more in 2020

Digital Customer Service is More Popular Than Ever

It is widely agreed that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digital transformation of customer engagement. In an eGain survey, conducted by Dimension Research, 80% of consumers accepted to having used digital customer service more in 2020. Not surprisingly, Gen Z and millennials overwhelmingly used digital channels to contact businesses.


Significantly, going forward, according to Forrester Research, the increase in digital customer service interactions will be driven by the new users of digital channels. Forrester has predicted that 2021 will see 40% more digital customer service interactions.

Digital Customer Service Defined

Digital customer service includes a customer’s or a citizen’s interaction with a business or a government entity through one or more digital touchpoints to complete a transaction or during the course of the customer’s lifecycle.

Customer's journey of digital customer service

  • Virtual assistants or conversational self-service chat with a chatbot
  • Text chat or video chat with a live agent
  • Messaging
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Collaborative web browsing and online form-filling
  • Digital self-service

Customers can use one or a combination of channels to get customer service, something like what’s shown in the image. That customer service outcome can be an answer to a problem or advice on the next best step to take to resolve an issue.


Avoid Digital Channel Silos

Digital channel silos are a strict no

Businesses implement digital channels to reduce the cost of live assistance and to keep up with digitally savvy consumers. What they end up doing is creating silo channels.

Result? The business is unaware of the customer’s journey to resolve an issue and the customer gets different answers to the same question asked over different channels.

This is not the digital experience you want to provide.

By 2022, 72% of customer interactions will involve an emerging technology such as machine learning applications, chatbots, or mobile messaging, up from 11% in 2017, according to Gartner. Businesses that excel in digital customer service will clearly have an advantage over the competition in this new world.

Providing Quality Digital Customer Service

Ensure that your customer engagement software solution includes these vital capabilities and offers.

Customer engagement hub platform that unifies knowledge, process, AI, and analytics to provide connected experiences across touchpoints

Cloud-based to enable businesses to consume innovation quickly and differentiate their offering

Analytics of customer journey and behavior across traditional and digital channels and within a channel, and of knowledge usage

Digital-first solution that provide deep capabilities to engage customers through chatbots, AI-guided digital self-service, video chat, messaging, cobrowse-aided phone engagement, cobrowse-aided website navigation and form-filling, proactive digital offers, proactive digital notifications, and more

Digital-first agent desktop with easy push-button access to contextual knowledge and AI, in addition to rich digital capabilities

Take help from digital transformation experts

Try risk-free solutions before investing for the long-term

Avoid common customer service mistakes

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