eGain Knowledge for Salesforce

eGain for Salesforce integrates eGain’s award-winning AI, knowledge management, and customer engagement apps with Salesforce CRM

Knowledge management for Salesforce

Contact center agents are able to quickly resolve a broad range of customer queries using eGain’s AI Knowledge by clicking the Solve Button™ from within Salesforce. Likewise, agents on eGain’s digital-first desktop are able to view customer profiles and context from Salesforce from within eGain.

360-degree customer view

Omnichannel interactions are recorded end-to-end in eGain and Salesforce for a 360-view. Customer profiles stored in Salesforce can also be leveraged from within eGain for multichannel engagement.

Improved experiences

Businesses experience up to 37% improvement in FCR, 30-point improvement in NPS, and 50% reduction in training time with the solution.

Offer: Experience the integration in a risk-free way

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