Industry challenges

  • Healthcare market is transitioning from an employer-centric “wholesale” model to a more consumer-centric “retail” model
  • Empowered Consumers – increasing purchase power by the consumer
  • Increasing competition from non-traditional players
  • Membership churn
  • Price transparency

eGain solutions

Expertise. Technology. Best practices.

  • Retail customer acquisition
    • Engage and target the right profile of retail customers through business rules
    • Enrollment and onboarding assistance
  • Multichannel service
    • Online service capabilities: chat, email, click to call, self-service
    • Differentiated service offering for plan participants of your largest clients
  • Enterprise knowledge
    • Authorized, comprehensive, consistent
    • Complex regulatory and procedure information
    • Auditable and compliant interactions
  • Secure communications
    • Both customer service and lifecycle interactions (EOB, claims status, deductible information)
Consumers aren't compartmentalizing experiences and life sciences
companies are responding accordingly.
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