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Popularity of Live Chat Over Other Channels

Once upon a time, you couldn’t sell a product without providing a phone number on the label. Then it was the turn of an email address. Now, it is chat. This web chat is displayed prominently on your website, available over the desktop and mobile device. Website chat gains even more significance today as texting is how the new-gen customer (millennials, Gen Z) likes to communicate.


Live chat has a satisfaction rating higher
than that of self-service and email. (Forrester)

For businesses going through a digital transformation,
web chat is a top growth focus. (Dimension Data)


Standalone website chat software providers should be a strict no, because apart from being digital, your next-gen customers are also omnichannel.

  • The chat interface should be simple, but the solution shouldn’t work in a silo
  • The customer experience should be easy, but the technology behind it should be serious

Website Chat Features for Omnichannel Customer Experience

eGain Customer Engagement Hub™ platform

  • eGain Chat is a mature solution built on the eGain customer engagement hub platform. It connects with the other channels in the eGain suite and even with third-party platforms to provide a seamless, omnichannel customer experience.

Chat +

  • Enhance the effectiveness of chat by combining with cobrowse.
  • Enable escalations to other assisted channels like click-to-call or video chat, with full context.

Post-chat surveyFull-context escalation from self-service

  • Escalations from a web self-service session to a website chat session should be easy and with full context.

Chat + Chatbot, a team

  • Allow transfer of conversations between a chatbot and a chat agent and vice versa.

Agent desktop for agent experience

  • Allow your chat agent to get assistance from other agents and supervisors during an interaction without the customer being aware of it.


  • Configure post-chat surveys to measure customer satisfaction and bottlenecks.

eGain Helps Big Businesses Chat

Our experts are armed with best-practices, domain knowledge, and experience. When you implement eGain Chat, you get their expertise, too. Not just that, our chat software comes embedded with best practices gathered from implementations for blue-chip clients over the last two decades. And it’s yours to benefit from.

Customer stories

European Tax Agency Goes Digital with eGain Virtual Assistant, Chat, and Offers

88,000 calls have been deflected using website chat software from eGain and a further 41,000 calls have been eliminated altogether, with call waiting times halved.

Global Clothing and Outerwear Retailer Outfits with eGain in the Cloud to Weather eService “Storm”

  • Reactive chat received an average 5 star customer rating from 600,000 visitors
  • Proactive chat offered secure “helping hands” to as many as 2000 customers a day, building trust.


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