Knowledge management

Yes, equality is no myth and everyone can get into the top 1%!

No, we are not talking about socio-economics or politics!

We are talking about how a modern knowledge management system can bring about performance equality among your agents, making all your agents as good as your best.

It can also make the best agent better, starting a virtuous cycle of “upward mobility” for the entire contact center “society”!

At the end of the day, it is knowledge that differentiates one agent from another and increasingly one business from the other. In fact, McKinsey found that the gap in business performance among companies is wider in industries that are interaction and knowledge-centric, more than 50% higher than in other industries, adding that interaction and knowledge-centric activities are the only “green pasture” for improvement and competitive advantage.

No interactions in business are more critical than customer service, where moments of truth, or in Gartner’s words, “business moments”, are made or lost. As a contact center customer service manager, if you can capture tacit knowhow in a modern knowledge management system in the form of guided paths to answers, decisions and processes, and serve it up to customer self-service systems and agents at the right time, it can elevate the performance of all your agents and the entire customer service organization. This can transform – not just improve – the contact center, and even overall business performance.

So, it’s time to create equality among your agents and inequality in your market with an unfair advantage in customer service performance. Learn how.

Another transforming technology for contact center productivity is Artificial Intelligence. Anand Subramaniam shares ROI examples to show the impact of contact center AI on customer service.

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