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Want to excel in customer engagement? Go “Dolly” in your contact center!

You can clone your best agents

Those of you that are old enough like me might remember “Dolly,” the first-ever sheep to be cloned. Did you know that your best sales and service agents can also be cloned to maximize performance? We’ve perfected that process and it’s all legal and ethical, and it even benefits the business and society at large!

Let’s go part by part.

First, you need to clone the “face.” This has become important even for sales and service outside retail or the branch office. For instance, with consumers wanting to interact with the business using new technologies such as video chat, gone are the days when agents could provide service in their pajamas or have bad hair days! Contact centers can accomplish this by hiring agents who represent the brand in their style or other external attributes.

Then comes the substance, the brain. You need to find your best-performing sales and service agents and see why they are doing well. Is it their subject matter expertise or content, the way they drive a sales or service conversation, the way they handle explosive situations or overcome objections, or a combination of the above? The good news is that this knowledge and knowhow (i.e., the “brain”) can be captured, embedded, and disseminated at the point of customer engagement to all your agents by modern knowledge management (KM) systems like eGain’s.

In other words, you are replicating the attributes and skills of your best agents or “cloning” them through KM and appropriate hiring. You can even extend the power of these “clones” to customer self-service through a unified knowledge hub for human-assisted and self-service customer engagement!

Read on for more. You will find that going “Dolly” in your contact center is much easier than cloning sheep!

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