Customer experience

Think Steve Perry and you’re on your way to transforming customer experiences

It’s about the customer journey, not channel

You might remember Steve Perry as a prominent member, if not the leader, of the rock band “Journey.” As you design customer experiences for today’s multichannel digital customer, think of Steve, since it’s all about the customer “journey” and not one particular interaction or channel.

Today’s customers might research products on the web, touch and feel them in a retail store, compare alternatives on trusted review sites and online communities, look for sentiment on social networks, and eventually buy wherever (although the secular trend is of everything moving to the Web). Moreover, today’s customers are also adopting gadgets at breakneck speed, whether they are smartphones, tablets, or something else that might come tomorrow.

How do you design and future-proof your customer experience initiatives to keep up with this digital generation? We recommend you take a hub or platform approach that can enable seamless customer journeys regardless of what channels or devices they use and what path they take in buying products and getting service. The hub also eliminates silos and enables the best of journeys. It’s like serving up the best of Steve Perry to your audience, a surefire way to turn them from customers to raving fans!

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