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Mission Possible (Thanks to eGain!): Tax Paying Can Be Less Taxing

It is that time of the year in the US, and to quote President William Jefferson Clinton, “we feel the pain”. Tax season means high stress, missing documents, lots of questions, and to cap it all, parting with money in many cases. Not great customer experience! Uncle Bob visiting for Thanksgiving was stressful enough, and now it is Uncle Sam. Fret no more! We are making it easier for you to communicate both with the IRS and HMRC (UK’s IRS)–hope you didn’t get hit with a double whammy, where you had to pay taxes in both places!


Then: the only way to communicate with IRS was phone, postal mail, and fax.

Now: eGain Secure Messaging facilitates easy and secure digital communication between the tax payer and IRS. Where a tax preparer with a Power of Attorney to represent the payer is also involved, eGain facilitates the workflow and three-way, secure, digital communication, all compliant with privacy laws and regulations. Digital is a win-win-win: easy for the customer, easy for IRS, and hundreds of millions of dollars in cost savings for Uncle Sam (and ultimately for citizens.)


eGain is enabling “digital by default” transformation at HMRC, UK’s IRS. Ruth, HMRC’s virtual assistant (powered by eGain), answers tax-payer questions on a variety of topics, and where needed, escalates with context to human chat and cobrowse, again enabled by eGain.

So, we may not make your experience exactly a delight when you pay taxes but we sure make it less taxing. You are welcome!

P.S. Humor aside, we love to work with both IRS and HMRC, two of our VIP clients, on their digital transformation journey.

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