If you are in financial services, insurance, or healthcare, you know that the cost of non-compliance is extremely high. Secure communication or secure messaging is an essential part of compliance.

Secure your communication with eGain secure messages

eGain Secure Messaging™ offers businesses a secure way of communicating with their customers. A module of eGain Mail™, eGain Secure Messaging effectively addresses the security and compliance concerns of companies in the regulated sectors and their consumers.

Restricts access

  • Only authorized users can view confidential information

Protects information

  • Corporate and personal information is safe from non-authorized visitors

What customers get

  • Safe notifications
  • Authenticated access
  • Secure message center or inbox
  • Power to appoint a proxy for communication

What the business gets

  • Out-of-the-box inbox templates
  • Ability to brand the message center
  • The power of eGain Mail, the pioneering email management software

Customer Quote on Secure Messaging

“Being a health insurance company, you have to deliver information securely. We deal with a lot of PHI, financial information. You can’t just share that across normal channels. You have to deliver that information securely. eGain allows us to do that… We made the access to that secure inbox available through the mobile device so they could access it wherever they were.”

Business Process Manager of a Fortune 500 American health insurance company on eGain Secure Message



Private and secure

Restricts access of confidential information to authorized users

Protects corporate and personal information with multiple layers of security

Integration with site specific authentication mechanism (works with existing usernames and passwords)

Uniform website experience

Fully configurable log-in page to align with the brand and look of the website

Complete, hub view of all interactions

Displays past customer communications in the message center

Facilitates cross sell and up-sell opportunities

Increases self-service opportunities by directing customer to website

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