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Why cloud?

Cloud-based technologies are experiencing rapid adoption in businesses of all sizes. Although within the last few years the term has changed – from “hosted” to “on-demand” to “SaaS” and now “cloud” – one thing that has notCloud solutions allow businesses to be agile and innovativechanged is the need; businesses want to deploy technologies quickly and easily whilst continuing to innovate rapidly, all the while reducing the need for hyperextended IT resources and upfront infrastructure investments. Cloud-based technologies address this need.

In fact, enterprise adoption of the cloud has increased dramatically over the last few years, as cloud technologies have matured.

Cloud for customer engagement

The customer has been “royalty” but with the power of social, the customer has become “Royalty” with a capital R. Businesses are no longer able to control customer conversations about their brand, which has propelled customer experience to the forefront as the only sustainable competitive differentiator.

Smart, proactive and unified customer engagement across multiple touch points is what creates differentiated and delightful customer experience. Done right with a proven solution partner, cloud-based customer engagement technologies can enable businesses to deliver such experiences quickly and extend their competitive advantage through rapid and sustained innovation.

So in this two-part blog post, rather than focus on comparing the cloud approach to on-premise, we will discuss what to look for in cloud-based customer engagement solutions. But that’s in the second part later this week.
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