Customer experience

A midautumn day’s dream

Imagine your prospects and customers engaged in meaningful conversations with you across channels of their convenience—Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Web, Email, Chat, Phone, or Face-to-face. Anytime, Anywhere, Anyway. Imagine all conversations powered by a rich knowledge base that finds the best process-compliant content to fit the conversation and informed by customer context drawn from across the enterprise and current customer intent. And imagine an intelligent, configurable dashboard to track and flag exceptions – in real-time – in customer satisfaction, operating efficiency, knowledge effectiveness, and product feedback.

All businesses want this. But most cannot translate intent into reality because of poor tools, best-practice, and transformation process.

eGain can help you build an agile customer-synchronized business with a proven Customer Engagement Hub platform powering innovative applications and best-practices developed in partnership with industry leaders like Virgin Mobile, Charles Schwab, USAA, Vodafone, and others. Tenured business consultants and recognized practitioners in knowledge management and customer experience will guide your team to develop the best customer experience processes and knowledge content for your business.

Out of multiple channel silos and fragmented knowledge chaos, we help you create harmony—systematically, quickly, and cost-effectively.


Read this state of customer experience post to know why you need professionals to help you in this journey.

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