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What’s New in eGain 21

The solution just got better - What's new in eGain 21

Gartner and Forrester consistently rate our solution #1 in knowledge-powered customer engagement. With eGain 21, we have raised the bar yet again!

In eGain 21, we’ve organized our customer engagement solution into three logical hubs:

Each hub is packed with new capabilities, leveraging common services to deliver a modern user experience. Powering the hubs is the eGain Composable Experience Platform, an open, secure, and scalable platform with an expanded set of capability dots (à la Gartner’s Packaged Business Capabilities).

Here are some exciting, new capabilities in eGain 21.

Conversation Hub

Unique BYOX Architecture

BYOX allows you to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bot), BYOC (Bring Your Own Channel), and BYOA (Bring your Own Agent Desktop) into our conversation hub to enable personalized, continuous conversations with customers. A few beta customers have connected their existing bots based on Google AI and IBM Watson bot into their eGain conversation hub. Others are opting to use our best-in-class Virtual Assistant to automate customer conversations in the hub. Plug and play of capability dots has never been easier.

Expanded customer messaging channel support

Engage customers via additional messaging touchpoints with pre-built connectors for WhatsApp, Google’s Business Messages, and Apple Business Chat.

Conversation hub advantage

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Knowledge Hub

eGain Knowledge Desktop™ 

Empower your phone-based agents with contextual knowledge and conversational guidance, while adhering to your company policies and compliance requirements, all without extensive training and expensive oversight.

eGain Virtual Assistant™ for Agents

Provide over-the-shoulder, real-time help for agents by monitoring customer conversations to proactively surface knowledge and AI guidance.

Bot Master

Create, configure, train, test, and optimize your virtual assistants (bots) with ease using a unified WYSIWYG interface!

Analytics Hub

Deep Analytics for AI guidance and conversational automation

Get granular insights into intent determination effectiveness , self-service deflection rates, and customer escalation points. Drill down to understand the correlation between knowledge use by agents with KPIs like FCR and AHT. Optimize knowledge content and AI guidance based on observed business outcomes, user adoption and feedback.

Bulk agent re-skilling

Configure bulk re-skilling actions using dynamic business logic and schedule them for Cisco CCE contact centers.

Amazon Connect support

Now you can leverage all operational analysis capabilities of the eGain Analytics Hub with Amazon Connect as well. For clients who are considering a move to Amazon Connect, migrating from their legacy contact center platforms, this ensures a seamless measure and manage experience across their legacy and cloud contact center stacks.

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eGain Composable Experience Platform

Modern, unified platform administration

Don’t sweat administration with our completely redesigned, cross-browser compatible Administration Console. It eliminates admin silos and consolidates it all in one central place – fast and simple.

Support for serverless extensions

Easily integrate with other systems by using cloud-based extension code. We support bothAWS Lambda and Azure functions. You can now subscribe to events (e.g., case closures) from the eGain platform to enable integrations across the enterprise.

Expanded connectors to additional CRM and CC platforms

Leverage existing investments with new connectors such as eGain Knowledge Hub for ServiceNoweGain Knowledge Hub for SAP, and updated connectors for SalesforceAvaya Call Center Elite DigitalCisco, and Adobe Experience Manager.



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