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Financial Coaching for Everyone!

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) companies  have long known that consumer financial wellness is their own financial wellness. After all, if consumers are better off financially, they can buy more products and services from BFSI firms. Moreover, personalized advice boosts customer loyalty and brand equity.

However, providing it to consumers, staying with them and motivating them through their wellness journey, all the while complying with regulations, is neither easy nor cost-effective for these companies.

The solution? eGain Virtual Financial Coach™. Powered by eGain’s award-winning AI, ML, knowledge, and analytics technologies and financial counseling expertise from GreenPath, a non-profit leader in the financial wellness domain, eGain Virtual Financial Coach answers consumer questions, provides empathetic, personalized, financial advice, and engages with consumers through their entire wellness journey with proactive nudges through digital messaging, while celebrating success with them.

Here is the holy grail in speed and magnitude of value creation: The solution is 100% turnkey and BFSI firms can deploy it in minutes with their own brand-aligned look and feel. They can simply include the URL for the service in appropriate situations such as in a credit decline email or on the right pages and right locations on their website or in their mobile app.

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