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US Consumers Rate eGain Clients at the Very Top in CX, Yet Again!

US consumers rate eGain clients at the very top in CX yet again

When it comes to CX performance, history repeats and repeats and repeats… itself!

The Newsweek listing on America’s best customer service companies and the Forrester US CX Index for 2022 just came out. Just like in previous years, eGain clients came out on top! These are not subjective awards—they are based on quantitative data gathered from tens of thousands of consumers on the customer service experiences of leading brands.

Here are some examples for this year.

eGain clients win in CX ratingsForrester CX rankings

  • Multichannel banking: 3 of top 3
  • Airlines: 2 of top 4
  • Auto/home insurance: 2 of top 5
  • Credit card issuers: 2 of top 3

Newsweek rankings

  • #1 rank in Online retailers: Food, health, and beauty – Shopping TV channels
  • #1 rank in Services: Transportation and travel – Low-cost airlines
  • #1 rank in Online services and digital products – Internet service providers
  • #1 rank in Services: Beauty and wellness – Nutrition and weight-loss programs
  • #1 rank in Services: Real estate and banking services – Online banking

In addition, seven eGain clients were ranked #2 and five clients #3 in many other categories! Get more information in this press release.

KM Reality Award 2021

These awards come on the heels of the Knowledge Reality Award conferred on BT by the prestigious KMWorld magazine for creating transformational business value from modern knowledge management.

Our congratulations to these superstars in customer service. We win when you win!

PS: If you are not a client and want to join the Superstars Club, contact us today! You are also invited to join us in Las Vegas for eGain Solve 22, the CX and KM event like no other.

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Updated on 18 August 2022

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