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Want to Improve Agent Experience (AX) and thus CX? Don’t Put the Management Cart Before the Enablement Horse!

Contact center agent churn is estimated at 35-45% with US contact centers alone bleeding $10B in attrition costs per year!

As self-service systems get smarter, agents are going to get more complex questions to answer, problems to resolve, and advice to provide. However, even while the world is fast going digital (including things, customers, agent, and the business), their voice-first desktop is antiquated.

Agents have limited or no capabilities to handle digital channels well, and they have no easy access to contextual knowledge or AI-enabled smart guidance. Moreover, they need to be ambidextrous to be able to alt-tab fast enough across multiple screens in attempt to find the answer needle in a haystack of irrelevant (for the problem at hand)—albeit valid–customer data and hundreds of irrelevant “hits” from keyword search.

On top of it, some contact centers have gone into full-blown (Frederick) Taylor and “Police” (pun intended) mode, watching every breath the agents take and every move they make (i.e. managing without enabling, perhaps the reason for the 45% churn).

The solution? Enable AND manage agents simultaneously with eGain Solve™ 17, the latest version of our solution!

Here are some key highlights of this version, which have already helped it gain blue-chip clients in telco/CSP (communication service provider), financial services, ebusiness, and other sectors:

Enable next-gen agents with a next-gen desktop

  • Digital-first agent desktop that combines rich, digital engagement capabilities with enhanced call handling, embedded knowledge and Artificial Intelligence (AI), operational analytics, and journey analytics for customers and agents
  • Digital-first, omnichannel workspace that morphs to the context and task at hand, showing only hyper-relevant information needed to handle it rather than cluttering it with data that are irrelevant to solving the problem at hand
  • Enhanced call handling and case management to complement digital capabilities
  • eGain Click-to-Solve™: Push-button access to proven knowledge capabilities for fast, accurate answers to customer questions, and AI-powered process guidance through the Solve Button™
  • eGain Click-to-Ask™: Push-button access to peers and subject matter experts. Advisers can send one-to-one or one-to-many messages with the click of a button to get in-band help to speed up problem resolution
  • eGain Click-to-Suggest™: Enables advisers to recommend articles to add to the knowledge-base
  • Two-way embeddability: Agents can see relevant information from third-party systems, reducing or eliminating the need to “alt-tab” across multiple applications during a service interaction. Likewise, eGain capabilities can be embedded in third-party desktops

Connected analytics to measure, monitor, and manage

  • End-to-end analytics to identify and eliminate choke points in customer and agent journeys (released earlier this year)
  • Proven, award-winning capabilities in analytics for digital and voice operations and knowledge management
  • Out-of-the-box best-practice dashboards and reports


  • Enhanced API library to catalyze rapid innovation by clients and partners through feature extensions, custom innovation, and connectivity with third-party systems
  • Enhancements to knowledge management, chat, and virtual assistant
  • And much more

Want to transform CX, AX, and therefore BX (the business experience) by enabling and managing your customer service and engagement operations? Contact us at [email protected] now!

P.S. Current eGain clients, who want to upgrade, are advised to contact their Customer Success Manager or Account Manager. Of course, they can also contact [email protected].

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