Customer experience

The march towards better customer journeys

The March on Washington happened 50 years ago, bringing about transformational change to perfect the union. If you are a business looking to transform customer journeys, you can start your MARCH, too:

  • Multichannel to make it easy for today’s multichannel consumer to engage with you.
  • Agile to reach consumers where they are – and quickly.
  • Robust platform for customer engagement that can scale with your business.
  • Connected journeys across touchpoints.
  • Hub approach to customer engagement without compromising functionality, i.e., go with a vendor that leads in breadth AND depth.

When you start “marching,” we hope you will do it with us! Here are some of your peers that have already done so, perfecting the customer experiences they deliver as a result. No wonder they are the who’s who of their respective industries!

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