Cisco ECE Solution Review Service

Optimize your Cisco ECE solution with ECE Solution Review

1. Review

Following are some of the areas we cover as part of the review

2. Best Practice Guidance

eGain team will share best practices in areas listed below

  • Workflows(Inbound)
    • Aliases
    • Queues
    • Nodes
  • Configuration
  • Reporting
  • Deflection
  • ECE Agent Desktop
  • Contact handling finding information
  • Chat Utilization
  • Chat Volume
  • MRD-Queue Mapping
  • Blended Routing
  • System Health Check

3. Outcome

  • eGain team will prepare a report with observations from the optimization review. We will share the recommendations and improvement required based on the review.
  • Mutually agreed review after the suggested recommendations have been implemented.

Customer Testimonial

AmTrust shares its experience of the ECE Solution Review Service from eGain

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