Top Human Capital BPO Transforms EX for Fortune 100 Clients with eGain AI Knowledge

Company Overview

The client is a leading human capital services provider dedicated to powering confident decisions for life, providing mission-critical services across health, wealth, payroll, HR, and well-being. Serving some of the world’s largest corporations and government agencies, the BPO engages with employees on a global scale, guiding them through critical decisions such as health care navigation, retirement planning, and annual benefit enrollment.


The BPO faced challenges in its customer care organization due to the complexity of its client-centric service model. With over 4000 clients, tens of millions of members, and 50-plus global delivery centers, the company needed to navigate a complex landscape, providing personalized service tailored to each client’s unique plans, regulations, and compliance requirements. The traditional approach to customer care was no longer sufficient, and the BPO recognized the need to modernize its knowledge management system to support its diverse clientele.

Partnership with eGain

The BPO embarked on a journey to modernize its customer care technology, focusing specifically on Knowledge Management. The VP of Customer Care Solutions, and the Director of Knowledge Management shared their experiences at eGain Solve, eGain’s annual user conference, highlighting the collaboration with eGain. Facing challenges such as decentralized authoring, lack of a single version of the truth, and the need for a scalable solution, the BPO sought a modern, AI-infused knowledge management system that could handle client-centricity, compliance, and the specific nature of its business.


The company selected eGain as its partner, impressed by product functionality and domain knowledge in addressing complex requirements. The project aimed to create a unified Knowledge Hub that could serve multiple lines of business and clients, streamline authoring processes, and provide a consistent and easy-to-navigate interface for agents that was also aligned with each client’s brand look and feel. The solution involved redesigning content, importing existing knowledge rapidly, and creating a standardized portal template that could be easily customized for each client.


The deployment strategy involved a phased approach, starting with large clients handling over 10,000 employees. Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, the implementation proved successful, resulting in over 700 portals, half a million articles, and 8,600 users. The system’s scalability was evident during peak periods, such as annual enrollment, with 2.3 million article views per month. The solution significantly reduced hold times, increased agent efficiency, and contributed to the retirement of three legacy applications.


The company’s partnership with eGain resulted in a successful transformation of its Knowledge Management capabilities, addressing the unique challenges posed by its client-centric service model. The standardized portal design, ease of navigation, and integration capabilities have positioned the BPO for further advancements. The company aims to continue leveraging the data for insights, integrate the system further into its operations, and enhance agent support through proactive knowledge delivery. The company’s journey serves as a testament to the effectiveness of modernizing customer care in a complex environment through strategic knowledge-powered transformation.

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