Agent Desktop in 30 Days

Your contact center agent workforce comprises mainly of millennials and, increasingly, Gen Z agents. If anyone is digital, they are. They need intuitive, clever tools at work that guide them to the destination (i.e., answers), like a GPS does in a car. Instead, they have desktop tools from the phone-based customer service era, repurposed for the digital age. Based on our Theory of Experience™, a low AX means low CX.

Theory of Experience™: AX + BX + CX = DX

(Agent experience + Business experience + Customer experience = Digital experience)

“Advisor Desktop in 30 Days” service makes it super-easy for contact centers and customer service organizations to implement a digital-first, omnichannel advisor desktop for quick business value.

The eGain advisor desktop includes digital capabilities along with push-button access to relevant knowledge and AI reasoning. The solution has delivered transformational business benefits at scale for blue-chip clients.

Highlights of the desktop are:

  • Truly omnichannel—Includes phone interactions and allows escalation between channels
  • Infused with knowledge—Personalized, contextual, 360 customer information
  • Guided with AI reasoning—Intelligent bubbles, resolution, next steps
  • Integrates with external dots (capabilities and data)
  • Built-in collaboration, contribution, gamification


  • Flexible UI

Available immediately for qualified prospects, “Advisor Desktop in 30 Days” includes the following elements:

  • Risk-free adoption with eGain Try+Buy™ consumption model.
    • Safe, production pilot in the cloud
    • No budget needed and no obligation to buy
    • No-charge guidance to quick business value by eGain experts
    • Options for A/B testing
  • Value expansion roadmap

Companies in banking, financial services, retail, telco, and healthcare have already taken advantage of this approach to create rapid value from their contact centers.


Get A Digital Desktop In 30 Days!

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