Social Media Management: Customer Engagement On Their Turf

Platforms for social media managementDigitally Social Customers Are Real

If you are a business in the 21st century, you have at least one social media account.

It could be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, WeChat, you name it.

But if you do, you can be sure that your customer will approach you over it.

Call to Action: Social Media Management

Track, Analyze, Respond, Manage

Your call to action in the customer service contact center is:

Monitor social media platforms, find posts that mention you, analyze sentiment, raise a ticket internally, escalate to an expert if needed, and respond appropriate to the channel in use straight from the agent desktop. Finally, analyze social interactions and tweak to manage better.

That’s what social media management is all about. It’s a tall order but it’s possible to do. With eGain Social™.


Manage Social Media Interactions

Manage incoming social posts with a digital-first omnichannel agent desktop

Monitor various social media for questions about your products and services. Route these inquiries to your contact center agents.

The social-blended omnichannel agent desktop seamlessly blends social queries with those from traditional channels like phone, email, SMS, chat, and cobrowse. It allows customer service agents to respond with a 360-degree view of the customer and product knowledge. The customer’s social media details are added to the customer’s profile, ensuring that social interactions are not conducted in a silo.

Respond on Social Channels

Respond on multiple social media networks from one place

Social media managers manage all interactions from the eGain Social Console. Tasks are routed according to need and responses sent by agents to customers who are looking for information or are complaining about your company.

Social media is treated as just another interaction channel in the hub, allowing a 360-degree view of interactions with the customer.

Proactively publish

Personalize replies or posts for each channel

280 characters or 5000, the eGain social media customer service software makes it easy for agents to customize responses and posts according to each channel.

Designed for success

Best practices for handling social media interactions are embedded in the product. Managers can use eGain Analytics to schedule and review reports and tweak monitoring terms and pinpoint the issues that cause escalations.

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