Telecom Customer Support—Reduce Product Returns


reduction in handset returns through remote diagnostics


reduction in “no fault found” handset returns


improvement in call handling with timely, easy access to accurate knowledge

No Fault Found returns are no good for telecoms

As telecom products and services become more sophisticated, it is common to have customers complain about their service or phone not working when in fact the problem lies in some simple configuration or setting. Faced with an irate customer, most telecom operators instruct their agents to offer clients the option to replace their device. Customers faced with lengthy calls and agents without sufficient tools reach for the product replacement option too quickly.

Unfortunately for the customer, a replacement device may still not work if the problem was in the account or service configuration. The challenge for the provider is that unnecessary returns can be highly expensive, especially those in the “No Fault Found” category.


Artificial Intelligence diagnosis saves device life

eGain Guided Help enables you to capture best-practice diagnostics into an effective front line system for the call center or retail store and deliver very significant results.



Keep Your Products “Sold” and Avoid Returns

Consumer products are getting more complex, increasing the need for help in using them. Moreover, as these products get sold to broader segments of the population, the need for hand-holding will increase. When increased product complexity is not backed up with knowledgeable customer support, product return rates surge. A good knowledge management system coupled with diagnostic capabilities through Artificial Intelligence (AI) can alleviate this to some degree.

eGain Knowledge+AI reduces unnecessary handset exchanges and saves millions of pound for Virgin Mobile

“The original business case called for… a five percent reduction in handset exchanges. What we’ve actually found six months down the line is that there has been a 38% reduction in handset exchanges.”


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