Telecom Customer Support—Reduce Field Service Visits


and more issues resolved through web self-service


reduction in unnecessary engineer visits


improvement in agent confidence while handling calls

Field service visits cost!

In organizations where contact center agents can trigger a truck roll or field engineer visit, great care needs to be taken to try to minimize unnecessary visits. Field service visits can be even more expensive than product returns, in some cases.


Artificial Intelligence and knowledge come to the rescue

eGain solutions improve your field service efficiency in multiple ways.

  • Ensuring that the interaction at the contact center follows best practice diagnostic procedures so that the visit is warranted
  • Providing the engineer with all the necessary information to resolve the issue in a single visit
  • With simple integration with device diagnostic and network tools, eGain solution can directly interrogate the device and adjust settings so as to reduce the involvement of the customer and the contact center agent



Keep Your Products “Sold” and Avoid Returns

Consumer products are getting more complex, increasing the need for help in using them. Moreover, as these products get sold to broader segments of the population, the need for hand-holding will increase. When increased product complexity is not backed up with knowledgeable customer support, product return rates surge. A good knowledge management system coupled with diagnostic capabilities through Artificial Intelligence (AI) can alleviate this to some degree.

eGain Knowledge+AI reduces unnecessary handset exchanges and saves millions of pound for Virgin Mobile

“The original business case called for… a five percent reduction in handset exchanges. What we’ve actually found six months down the line is that there has been a 38% reduction in handset exchanges.”

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