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Customer journeys are non-linear

Are you aware of that journey when the customer connects?

Customers choose the most appropriate contact channel for their situation. When they have time they may send a detailed email but follow up with a phone call if the issue becomes urgent.

When a customer issue is fragmented across different contact channels there is nothing more frustrating for the customer than to be told “Sorry, I don’t have access to the emails you sent; could you tell me the issue from the beginning.”


Let eGain be the glue in the customer conversation

To avoid the customer having to be the “glue” between different parts of the customer service organization, telecom organizations are using eGain solutions to implement integrated, multichannel customer service solutions that:

  • Track all customer contacts by email, web self-service, phone, and chat
  • Ensure consistent responses across all channels
  • Enforce appropriate service levels
  • Implement effective case management so that, for example, when a customer issue is closed via a chat session or phone call, any outstanding emails on the same topic are also closed
  • Integrate to customer data so that agents don’t have to access other systems to check on Account or Service issues and don’t have to ask the customer unnecessary questions


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