Telecom Social Engagement—Interact with customers through social media channels

Customers are on social media, talking to you, about you

Are you answering, monitoring?

Consumers are increasingly discussing their needs, soliciting and offering advice, and sharing their views about businesses like yours in these social networks. This free-flowing viral conversation is both a challenge and opportunity for your business.

Customers expect service wherever they are—this includes communities and social media sites. Savvy businesses are leveraging this opportunity for competitive differentiation by delivering superior social customer experience.

On the flip side, if businesses do not address negative references in the social cloud, the consequent damage to their brand might be irreversible.

Companies are also concerned about connecting this new channel with the other interaction channels in the organization. How can they avoid making social engagement a siloed experience for customers and agents? Social customer service needs to be blended with the overall customer service strategy of the company.


Social media, a part of the omnichannel customer experience strategy

Leading telecom organizations are turning their attention to effective customer feedback management and integrating with the social web. eGain Social provides out-of-the-box capabilities to:

  • Encourage self-service users to rate content and share useful information via social bookmarking
  • Capture feedback through automated surveys generated for email, chat, or web self-service interactions
  • Monitor trending topics and harvest valuable knowledge and suggestions
  • Listen to social media posts so as to be able to extend the reach of customer service



From Silos to Social-Blended Multichannel Customer Experiences

The advent of the social customer has made matters worse for the customer service department. Social customers spend 17% of their online time in social networks (surpassing other uses for the first time ever), and have even turned the balance of power in customer service interactions around. How can your contact center incorporate social engagement in their operations? It is time for the seven step roadmap to create a socially-blended multichannel customer service.

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Improve service levels and Net Promoter Score (NPS)Offer 360° view of interactions and knowledge to customers, agents, store personnel, field engineers

In 2010, social networks collectively became the #1 online destination
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