Telecom Contact Center Deflection—Reduce email and chat volume


and more of consumer email inquiries deflected from the contact center


deflection of dealer email inquiries from the contact center


website visitors find answers through self-service

How to reset your password is not a question a phone, email, or chat agent needs to answer

Many telecom providers are struggling with the cost of service through email and chat. Customers seem to flood these channels with requests that are not suited for resolution through email or chat. For instance, helping a customer troubleshoot a phone setting problem over email is not efficient.


Deflect easy interactions to the website

Put the virtual assistant to work

What is needed is a well-designed multichannel web customer service strategy that includes self-service (along with virtual assistant), email, and chat options working in concert to help the customer.

Allow escalations to email and chat when self-service isn’t working

eGain helps telecom clients implement email and chat channels as seamless escalation options from web self-service and chatbot conversations. This ensures that the customer has been offered all relevant content before being directed to an assisted service channel.

Use web forms to capture information

In addition, clients deploy sophisticated, interactive web forms leveraging the eGain platform to ensure that all necessary content is provided before submission. Integrating customer information into the escalation process ensures that inquiries from different customer segments are assigned appropriate service levels and escalation options.

Once escalated, route customer to the right agent

Accurate routing of email and chat inquiries in the eGain solution ensures that they are fielded by appropriately skilled agents who efficiently deliver consistent responses using the same knowledge base that would be used for calls and web self-service.


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Let the telco virtual assistant help you

Watch how eVA, the telco chatbot powered by eGain, resolves Dave’s data plan crisis. And when it couldn’t help, eVA could transfer Dave to a live chat agent, seamlessly, with full context of the conversation till that point.


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