Customer experience

The march towards better customer journeys

The March on Washington happened 50 years ago, bringing about transformational change to perfect the union. If you are a business looking to transform customer journeys, you can start your MARCH, too: Multichannel to make it easy for today’s multichannel consumer to engage with you. Agile to reach consumers where they are – and quickly….

Contact center customer service

The US and the UK: Arguably divided by the same language, but undoubtedly united by the same contact center agent pain points

George Bernard Shaw famously said that the US and England were divided by a common language. He would not say the same about contact center agents—CSRs in both geographies are in total agreement about the biggest hurdles to providing good customer service. In an industry-first survey of hundreds of agents, contact center agents worldwide cited…

Customer engagement

eGain debuts in the 2017 CRM Customer Engagement Center Magic Quadrant

We are pleased to inform you that eGain just debuted in the Gartner CRM Customer Engagement Center Magic Quadrant (CEC MQ) for 2017, appearing as a “Niche Player”. If you are a Gartner client, you can access it on eGain is no stranger to the magic quadrant. We have been a perennial leader in the…

Artificial Intelligence

AI Everywhere

AI is in the hype cycle at the moment. Ashu Roy, eGain CEO, and John Connors, Senior Director of Digital Transformation at eGain, believe that AI is not new, but it’s certainly in its hype cycle. John says, “I think it’s in its third hype cycle, and I say that because if you read literature,…

Knowledge management

Desperately seeking findability

I’m not a big fan of Madonna’s acting talent—I have not even seen any of her movies. However, I get reminded of one of her 80’s movies titled “Desperately Seeking” someone or the other when I see contact center agents or sales reps desperately trying to find answers with the time-constrained and often irate customer…

Knowledge management

Sorry, Kaplan and Norton, you need to invent an “unbalanced scorecard” for knowledge-powered contact centers!

We understand the need for tradeoffs in performance metrics to balance the proverbial scorecard. However, there are some technologies that transform business, creating value tides that lift all “metric boats”. Contact centers/customer service organizations are no exception—here, transformation means that the contact center doesn’t have to nickel and dime in value creation, figuring out tradeoffs…

Customer engagement

The Un-Conference for Digital Customer Engagement and Artificial Intelligence

eGain Digital+AI Day and 7-Up! When I think of our upcoming eGain Digital+AI Day, I’m reminded of the Seven-up Uncola commercials of yore. A perfect antidote to traditional conferences, this event is like no other: No hassle in and out of Chicago at the Hyatt Regency Hotel right next to the airport—you can even see the…