Assisted service

eGain Chat™

Gives your agents a comprehensive set of tools for live customer service. High-value, live assistance to online customers and prospects gives your company the ability to offer satisfying web experiences and convert site visitors into profitable, long-term customers.

eGain Cobrowse™

Enables your agents to provide high-value, live collaboration options to online customers and prospects. It gives your company the ability to deliver real-time assistance and convert site visitors into profitable, long-term customers.

eGain Mail™

Helps companies manage large volumes of customer emails and webforms responsively and effectively.

eGain Call Track™

It is a comprehensive and flexible phone call logging system. Together with eGain Knowledge+AI™, it provides an integrated solution for phone call logging, tracking and resolution as well as follow-on task management for service fulfillment.

eGain ClickToCall™

It is a simple yet powerful solution that can be quickly implemented on web pages to offer real-time voice assistance to online visitors looking for customer service. It lets you call them over traditional voice channels like a land line or a mobile phone or, if the customer wants, you can speak with them over the computer.

eGain SMS™

It is a flexible system for managing SMS interactions with customers. SMS is an emerging and increasingly popular interaction channel.

eGain Social™

It is a one-of-a-kind product for social customer service, knowledge harvesting and single-sourced social publishing, and reputation management. It enables you to monitor social networks such as Facebook®, Twitter® and blogs for customer queries, analyze their content, analyze search results for sentiment, route them intelligently, and post responses privately or back to the social cloud in media-customized formats.

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