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reduction in call volume as issues are resolved through web self-service


and more issues were resolved through web self-service by telco customers


web self-service users find accurate information on the website

Industry challenges

Margin pressure in the telecom business is an ever-present reality. Reducing the cost of service by increasing the proportion of customer contacts resolved through web self-service is a key driver. However, it is critical to do so without compromising customer satisfaction. Telecom businesses have struggled to deliver effective web self-service because of reasons such as:

  • Customers historically sought service through the phone channel, since most telecom businesses started by providing mainly phone service
  • Growing breadth, depth, and complexity of packages, services, and devices

eGain solutions

eGain SelfService+AI helps you provide your customers with convenient access to information as well as detailed help with procedural or troubleshooting tasks. Telecom companies deploying eGain web self-service solutions use a range of tools and features to make the customer self-service experience engaging and intuitive:

  • Flexible and configurable user experience templates
  • Interactive chatbot for website navigation
  • Self-organizing FAQs for common problems
  • Federated search across website, intranet, and internet resources
  • Faceted browse and search to provide alternative routes to content
  • Interactive guidance for complex troubleshooting
  • Widgets with in-context FAQs deployed across product pages
  • Profiled access for mobile devices

Further, eGain solutions ensure that customers never feel like they are trapped in web self-service. If, for any reason, they cannot find the right answer, they always have the option of escalating their query (with their self-service context to avoid repetition) to email or chat agents.

Finally, as customers adopt smartphones as their primary means of accessing the Internet, telecom organizations are increasingly focusing on delivering a rich customer care experience on the mobile device. With eGain, the same knowledge can be served consistently through self-service interfaces across the web and mobile devices.

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