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Telecom—Ensure customer satisfaction

Industry challenges

Your customers want choice and convenience when they need help. They do not want to be boxed into one service channel. Their choice of channel depends on the nature and urgency of their inquiry. For instance:

  • For many customers the web is the first point of contact and their preferred contact channel
  • Customers choose email for non-urgent issues and when they would like a record of the response
  • Customers choose chat when they want to multi-task or when they would like to remain anonymous

To ensure effective customer experience through self-service, telecoms needs to offer channel choice, while guiding customers through appropriate channels that match their query type and address their urgency.

eGain solutions

Using eGain solutions, telecom clients offer a choice of service channels to customers across the web, email, and chat. Matching customer expectation with the right channel of service, the eGain SelfService+AI software helps deliver effective responses using a common knowledge base.

  • Effective web self-service reduces the cost of responding to customer issues
  • Automated or assisted email responses deliver a great response at a fraction of the cost of phone call
  • Agents handling multiple live chat sessions offer a more cost effective alternative to phone calls

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