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eGain Analytics

eGain offers comprehensive reports and real-time monitors, dashboards, and alarms for operational performance management.


  • Real time and scheduled reports
  • Manage access to reports
  • Record history of all reports: log history of all generated reports
  • Create parameterized reports to report on just the items of interest to you and your organization
  • Include archived activities in reports
  • Get reports data in various formats, PDF, Excel, etc. Paginated reports for large data
  • Print reports
  • Only selected users can have access to run, view reports
  • Flexible infrastructure to create custom reports
  • Advanced analytics to detect trend in interactions

Monitors and Alarms

Monitor agents, queues, and system services. If an agent or queue exceeds the number of open issue,s an alarm is sent to the manager and the excess issues are automatically forwarded to an alternative agent or queue. eGain 11 also supports multi-shift operations so you can offer “follow the sun” service.

  • Ensure agents and queues do not become “overloaded” with issues
  • Quick notification when alarm levels are exceeded
  • Overflow monitoring
  • Service level alarms
  • Agent quality monitoring
  • Multi-installation monitoring
  • System logs
  • Set limits on number of open issues for any queue or agent
  • Multi-shift management: Track activity and workload on multilevel queues
  • System status view of services and components
  • Configurable display on monitoring screens


  • Monitor the health of the contact center without running lengthy reports. Users can create dashboards with multiple pieces of information which would enable a user to manage their contact center more effectively
  • Monitor multiple types of information, including article access, article usage, self-service sessions, escalations, and self-service activity
  • Graphical display of information makes information easy to understand


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All applications on the eGain CEH platform are enabled with analytics

Configurable and interactive dashboards

Allows integration with third party BI tools

Comprehensive set of application-specific and multichannel dashboards, monitors, and reports

Enables slice and dice of customer-centric and business-centric metrics across channels