Messaging in 7 Days


Unique mobile subscribers globally


Predicted to opt-in for business SMS messages by 2020


C2B messages sent per month just on Facebook Messenger

eGain clients’ messaging volumes are growing by 100 percent every year!

Welcome to the expanding world of Messaging and the infinite possibilities eGain Messaging Hub™ offers your business.

eGain has rearchitected its platform to handle the messaging channels in a new way. eGain Customer Engagement Hub™, the platform that unifies knowledge, AI, analytics, and conversations to ensure that no channel is left in a silo, also powers the eGain Messaging Hub.

eGain’s novel Bring Your Own Bot (BYOB)™ architecture allows businesses to easily plug in their own bots where desired in the messaging journey. At the same time, those who want a turnkey solution for conversational automation can activate eGain’s Virtual Assistant. Conversation control can be handed off seamlessly across multiple bots and human agents, while delivering a smart experience to consumers.Diagram showing the eGain Messaging Hub

Unlike point solutions and API tool kits, the eGain Messaging Hub offers a complete set of capabilities for messaging-based conversational automation.


  • Interactive and push experiences via web chat, in-app messaging, Apple Business Chat™, Facebook Messenger™, Google’s Business Messages, SMS, and WhatsApp. Open APIs to quickly connect via new messaging touchpoints.
  • Bring Your Own Bot (BYOB)™ architecture to plug in proprietary and third-party bots and to tap into new flexible workforce models like gig agents and crowdsourced experts.
  • AI-powered routing based on real-time conversational analytics, customer preference and business context, enhanced with machine learning.


  • Guided conversations with built-in Virtual Assistant, AI, and Knowledge for accurate and consistent handling of customer queries.
  • Rich customer experiences with payment support, deep links, structured response, map, and search. Solution automatically adapts to channel-specific features.
  • Process guidance knowhow maintained without IT involvement.


  • Granular, connected analytics to optimize conversational effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Offer intelligent, proactive messaging

Businesses can effortlessly launch intelligent, personalized outbound notifications from it. A large credit union sends proactive messages to 8 million customers through eGain, based on 360-degree context of the customer across the contact center, digital channels, and branch offices.

Automate conversations, but augment with human assistance

Using the Messaging Hub, businesses can automate customer conversations over messaging channels with eGain Virtual Assistant™ or a third-party chatbot. The bot has access to the full context on the conversation and can escalate to human-assisted chat. Unique to our solution is the ability to perform a step-down transition back to the virtual assistant.

Equip agents to deliver truly omnichannel experiences

Agents can serve a truly omnichannel experience to messaging customers through the eGain Advisor Desktop™, the digital-first desktop for customer service contact center agents. The eGain desktop provides advisors with a 360-degree view of customer interactions across channels, including messaging. eGain Advisor Desktop provides

  • Chronological, omnichannel conversation stream for agents
  • 360 view of customer history
  • Ability to manage interactions from within the advisor desktop
  • Flexible real estate for new platforms
  • Access to one-click knowledge and guidance through eGain Solve
eGain clients’ messaging volumes are growing
by 100 percent every year!


Plug in an eGain or third-party chatbot

Add channels in minutes

Configuration through the user interface (UI)

No IT help required

Uses each channel’s native capabilities

Support for multimedia formats

Security certification; privacy controls

Reporting and analytics

“Sticky agent” feature to connect the customer to the same agent again

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