Customer Portal Software

Customer portals for the next generation

Self-service interactions have overtaken all other channels, according to Forrester.

Today’s customers want self-service that is smart, personalized, and proactive. Businesses want these portals to be effective not only in deflecting requests for human-assisted service but also in engaging customers and reinforcing the brand. eGain can do this for you with eGain SelfService + AI, a next-generation customer portal software for web self-service.

Here is just a sampling of what eGain’s customer portal software can do for you.

Call deflection

Intelligent self-service, powered by a portfolio of technologies, including natural language processing or understanding, virtual assistants, and AI guidance can help deflect requests for human-assisted service. Our clients have reported up to 60% deflection of phone calls, emails, and chat requests through our portals. Call deflection

Proactive service

eGain customer portal works in conjunction with eGain Secure Message™ to provide preemptive service for call avoidance through outbound notifications as well as proactive service when the customer is on the website through its portal. The proactive service could be contextual content offers, sales offers, or service offers. Proactive customer service

Easy branding

eGain customer portal can be easily configured to align with the brand’s look and feel. Moreover, the solution offers other possibilities to reinforce the brand. For instance, the virtual assistant can be fronted by a brand-aligned avatar and the style of the content can be aligned with the brand’s personality. Virtual assistant

Easy escalation

Customers can escalate from eGain’s customer portal to human-assisted service with full context, thanks to eGain’s customer engagement hub platform—no need to repeat the “mother’s maiden name,” a big deterrent to a good customer experience.
Customer engagement hub

Consistent answers

eGain’s customer portal leverages the same omnichannel AI and knowledge engine as human-assisted channels to provide conversational guidance and answers. No more answer-shopping to find the right answer or the best deal!
Guided help

Analytics for continuous improvement

eGain customer portal leverages knowledge and customer journey analytics within and across channels to identify gaps and friction points and assigns tasks to knowledge administrators with SLAs attached to them for continuous improvement.

US manufacturer of patio doors and windows makes innovative use of eGain’s customer portal software to improve customer experience and website sales, and reduce contact center traffic

This was a century-old manufacturer of windows and patio doors with unique problems.

  • It had a product lineup of thousands of items, including hundreds of vintage products that were older than 20 years. People still called about them.
  • Its website used terms that only people who knew windows intimately would know. That ruled out its consumers.

And then the company set off on a transformation journey that would improve the online customer self-service experience and the customer journey. It infused its customer portal with artificial intelligence reasoning capability.

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