Customer Management System

What is it?

“Customer management system” could mean different things to different people. For some, it could mean customer data management and B2B Salesforce automation, which is where the roots of CRM systems lie. For others, it could mean “customer service or engagement” systems.

Customer management and the PACE Layer

Gartner’s PACE layer model divides up applications into three layers:




In the context of customer-related applications, CRM, contact center infrastructure, enterprise content management systems, and ecommerce systems are typically classified as systems of record whereas customer service and engagement systems are classified as systems of engagement and innovation.

While the systems of record are important and keep the lights on, systems of innovation and differentiation can help companies stand out by enabling great experiences for customers, customer-facing employees, and contact center operations.

Solution: Customer engagement from eGain Cloud

eGain offers an award-winning cloud suite for digital-first, omnichannel customer interaction management and engagement, guided by AI, unified knowledge management, and connected analytics. With an agile implementation model.

Over the years, we have helped blue-chip brands deliver smart, connected experiences across omnichannel touchpoints. Our offerings also include:


Innovation in 30 Days

Balance security and innovation

In the age of digital disruption, businesses have got the message that they have to innovate fast, fail fast, and hit the ground running again. Being agile is the hour’s need.

IT implementations are exactly the opposite of this. It’s the nature of the job. They have to take care of security, budgeting, and resources.

The lightweight systems of innovation and differentiation—eGain’s customer engagement solutions—are the answer to the security versus innovation conundrum in customer management.

Laid over the systems of record and interacting with them for information, context, and processes, these customer engagement solutions let customer service organizations implement new strategies and interaction channels quickly, measure for results, and tweak, rehaul or replace, as needed.

eGain Cloud AlwaysOn

Success stories

Many of our blue-chip clients, across industries—banking and financial services, telco, retail, government, branded manufacturing, and other B2C sectors—have used eGain to transform customer service and engagement. Here are some success stories.

From search to guide

Telecom company benefits from customer managementAfter multiple mergers, EE (now part of BT Group) was left with disparate systems of record and four knowledge bases. How did BT resolve the variation in agent performance and consistency of service issues?

By deciding to make a fundamental change from “search” where advisors had to use their best sense, to “guide” where the customer management system would guide the advisor through compliance-ready steps to an answer or diagnosis. And then rolling out one system to over 10,000 advisors and over 600 retail stores.

  • First-Contact (call) Resolution up +37%
  • NPS up +30 points
  • Agent speed-to-competency saw 50% improvement

Increasing engagement

Paylocity, a fast-growing SaaS provider in the HR domain, improved their first-contact resolution by 35% and time to answer by 67%!

eGain customer management improves DX (digital experience)

Cable giant uses eGain for digital engagement across thousands of agents in-house and outsourced contact centers across multiple continents.

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