What is a Knowledge Management Solution?

Knowledge Management Solution is More Than Technology

Knowledge management solution is not a synonym for technology. While technology matters more than ever before, knowledge management solution is technology plus.

A complete solution includes the following components.


The technology is absolutely the first important component of any solution. For effective knowledge management, the knowledge management solution should have a platform that supports the building of knowledge management in the enterprise.

The technology building blocks of a knowledge management solution include Machine Learning (ML) and AI reasoning, omnichannel content management, profiled access to content, search methods, including federated, faceted, and guided search, conversation guidance (next best thing to say), process guidance (next best thing to do), and analytics.

It should include out-of-the-box, pre-built connectors to leading CRM and contact center (CC) platforms. The integration solution should embed knowledge in the agent desktops on these platforms, so that customer service reps or contact center agents can leverage it to find answers, quickly, for customer questions.

eGain Knowledge Hub provides out-of-the-box integrations with leading contact center and CRM platforms.

Implementation Services

Businesses need to consume innovation faster. The service cloud ensures that implementation is agile. Updates are rolled out as soon as released. And the provider takes care of the security and scalability of the solution.

  • Deploy 2X faster than on premise
  • Get to market 30% faster with systematic upgrades
  • Spread financial impact across duration of use
  • Reduce procurement and IT issues
  • Deliver up to 25% higher satisfaction with the trusted vendor managing the entire software and hardware stack

Managed Services

Managed services, an important component of knowledge management solution Two minds are better than one. The principle of Managed Services is that when both the vendor and the client company work together, more gets done, faster. When your knowledge implementation is accompanied by Managed Services, it enables immediate value creation for the business.

Lead to immediate value creation through resolution of business problems

  • Managed Services eliminates the technical ramp-up phase inherent to new products
  • All drudgery left to eGain, customers focus on core activities

Foster fast innovation cycles

  • Customers innovate while eGain executes with agility in the Cloud
  • Joint business and technology cooperation generates creativity

Enable elaborate data-driven optimization

  • Success criteria set by customers; data collection and dashboards built by eGain
  • Continuous engagement by eGain experts enable deep insight in granularity of measurements
  • Fruitful partnerships in a rapid succession of measure-analyze-optimize iterations

Best Practices

Many knowledge implementations fail because the business owners don’t know the proven practices to increase adoption of the system by the stakeholders and get the best value from the product.

Gartner says knowledge is critical for improving the customer experience. How do you improve knowledge management? By following 7 critical knowledge management best practices.

Risk-Free Way to Adopt

Risk-free knowledge pilot to try before you buyWhy should a business agree to invest in a solution if it can’t be sure of the return on its investment (ROI)? A KM solution should have the confidence to walk the talk and offer in its solution basket a risk-free way to test the technology for its worth in the real-world or production setting.

Something like eGain Innovation in 30 Days for knowledge. Try it for free for 30 days before deciding if you want to invest in the solution at all.

  • A free no-commitment 4-week pilot
  • Identify high value/high impact use cases
  • Design the solution
  • Implement the use

eGain Knowledge Hub is the solution that combines all the components that make knowledge management successful.

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Customer feedback about eGain Knowledge Hub

Highly capable tool for a complex knowledge environment (Financial services client company, in Gartner Peer Insights review)

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