Customer Engagement Software

Customer interaction, the moment of truth

When the Consumer Interacts with Your Business

The Moment of Truth

Every system you buy, every process you lay down, every guideline you implement, they all lead to that one thing that matters in customer service: Interaction with the customer when they need help.

The success of your customer interaction software is tested at this moment of truth.

Customer engagement software: Features

Connected platform

Unlike siloed offerings from point vendors, eGain Solve™ suite is built on a unified customer engagement hub platform, which enables a 360 view of the customer across touchpoints and delivers contextual answers in the first contact. The platform provides AI, knowledge, customer interactions, and analytics across touchpoints.

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eGain Customer Engagement Hub™ platform

Supports integrations with external systems

The eGain solution integrates out of the box with leading systems of record—CRM, eCommerce, content management, and call center infrastructure systems—so that agents have access to relevant answers from a single desktop, and customers can get the self-service they need.

Omnichannel support

eGain Solve suite offers broad, deep, and connected capabilities.

  • WEB: Self-service, Virtual assistant
  • DIGITAL: Mobile, Messaging, Chat, Social, Click-to-call, Cobrowsing, Email
  • PHONE with call tracking capability

Digital desktop

The digital-first, omnichannel agent desktop is the ultimate weapon in customer interactions. It provides interactions, knowledge, guidance, and external data on one screen so that your customer service agents are confident, efficient, and effective at the moment of interaction.

  • Digital-first, omnichannel
  • Flexible UI
  • Infused with knowledge
  • Guided with AI reasoning
  • Connects internal and external dots with easy integrations
  • Built-in collaboration, gamification

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