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With a shopper engagement hub, you can thrive on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and even Social Saturday, Tablet Tuesday, or Anything Any day

If you are a click-and-mortar retailer, why would you not want your cash register to ring loudly on any one of these days? You can even have hybrid blockbuster days like a Black Cyber Friday or Cyber Black Monday!

Word play aside, the point we’re trying to make here is that if you deliver smart, connected, multichannel (or omnichannel, as they now call it in the retail world) journeys with a customer engagement hub, you can have an unfair competitive advantage.

The hub centralizes all shopper interactions in one place and arms customer engagement with knowledge and shopper insight more than ever before, while enabling you to simply wow shoppers with first-of-their-kind digital experiences such as rich collaboration and even avatar interfaces! Plus when your fickle shopper dumps and loves (and dumps…) interaction channels and devices, you don’t have to worry—the hub will be there to engage them wherever they are and will be—without creating silos!

The only downside? You might feel a bit guilty about playing Ebenezer Scrooge in the holiday season with your competitors, and they are going to have one miserable holiday season after another! But we’re sure you’ll get over it pretty easily!


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