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Rex Dorricott
Rex Dorricott, CEO, Exony

Exony’s customers alone spend over $10 billion a year operating their contact centers. This high touch, high value (and, indeed, high cost) customer contact increasingly forms just a part of more complex customer journeys, journeys that need to be both understood and managed. The challenge for customers and their technology partners has therefore become: How can their voice infrastructure enrich and be enriched by new digital engagement capabilities, both simply and effectively?

Customer engagement and the ease with which it can be both delivered and consumed will define the winners and losers in major markets around the world over the next few years. Issues of scale, geography, business structure, and evolving IT architectures will not be allowed to get in the way of providing easy omnichannel engagement. Right now organizations and technology providers are frequently having to try and cope with this complexity using silos (both process and technology driven, sometimes using terms like “centers of excellence!”) with channels, activities, data, and infrastructures separated and often duplicated. It’s something we’ve been very successfully addressing with VIM for organizations’ contact centers. But in the omnichannel world, this is going to require a single business user portal that can manage voice, email, chat, cobrowse, social, mobile, and community, with the analytics insight to understand and proactively reduce customer effort both within and between channels.

Today we join eGain to be able to deliver that platform. As a single company we will be able to offer our customers and partners, including leading technology providers such as Cisco, a cohesive and comprehensive solution for omnichannel engagement. A solution that brings together voice and digital engagement across the customer service estate, extending beyond the contact center into branches, store networks, and beyond.

Exony has a remarkable track record of customer successes in contact center management, reporting, and analytics. With these strengths, and eGain’s market leading capabilities in both digital channels and knowledge management, we can be truly game changing. As Ashu has already written in his blog, the challenge may be big but the opportunity is even bigger.

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