No more IVR music? Music to my ears!

Consumers dislike being put on a long IVR call hold

According to Accenture’s Global Consumer Pulse Survey, being “put on hold for a long time” was extremely frustrating or frustrating for 84% of consumers surveyed. As though waiting for the “next available agent” is not painful enough, businesses often inflict callers with IVR music that they don’t want or like—elevator music to Twisted Sister fans, putting them to sleep (or vice versa, perhaps causing heart attacks in elevator aficionados!)

Fret no more! There’s a solution, thanks to eGain Knowledge Snap-In for Avaya. When you are on hold on your smartphone, you will get an SMS link to the right answer or to a guided interaction to the answer, powered by eGain Knowledge. And you don’t lose your place in the queue, just in case you still need to talk to an agent. Avaya itself has written about this use-case eloquently (“Service while you wait – eGain innovates to turn hold to gold”) and have bestowed a DevConnect Award on us for this innovation!

So you want to eliminate IVR hold and turn it into gold? Contact us today—we understand that no music is good music when it comes to IVRs!

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