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Telecom—Improve service levels and Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Industry challenges

In the rapidly changing Telecom environment with its low switching costs, excellent customer service is vital to retaining customers and developing profitable customer relationships. Tools like Net Promoter Score are being adopted to augment traditional measure of customer satisfaction. In the telecom industry there are specific challenges in delivering great service:

  • Different demands and usage patterns from different customer segments. For instance, teenage consumers are focused on voice, text, and ringtone. The young adult segment, on the other hand, are heavy users of mobile social networks, apps, and multi-media messaging. And older consumers and small businesses tend to be heavy voice-only users.
  • Different contact channel preferences among different consumers.
  • Different style and language requirements among different segments or geographies.

eGain solutions

eGain’s solution for telecoms offers comprehensive tools and capabilities such as:

  • A knowledge base that supports multiple presentation layers (such as web, store, contact center, mobile device) as well as profiled access for different segments (such as Pre-Pay, Contract, Business, High Value).
  • Multichannel access to a single version knowledge base so as to ensure a consistent response to customer enquiries via web, phone, email, live chat, or SMS.
  • Multilingual access to content delivered from a single knowledge base.
  • Integration with customer data to avoid unnecessary questions and incorporate real-time data in automated responses.

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