Knowledge Management for Contact Centers

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Customer pain is overwhelmingly about not finding that one right answer

What was the biggest pain point when you contacted a company for customer service? (Select up to 2 answers)

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Contact center agents don’t know the answer


Different contact center agent give different answers


Can’t find answers on website


Other factors

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The Rapid creation and retrieval of relevant content and knowledge is critical to improving the overall customer experience

Delivering Relevant Content and Knowledge to Customers is Key to Great Customer Service.

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Digital CX initiatives often fail because of a key missing ingredient—knowledge. There’s a crying need in businesses of all sizes for a “modern knowledge brain” to match their “digital body.” Powered by AI reasoning, ML, Natural Language Processing, and analytics, eGain Knowledge Hub™ is a rich, one-stop contact center knowledge management solution for the digital-first, remote-first era. Among the benefits are:

Knowledge harmony created by centralizing 360 customer context, omnichannel content, profiled access, personalization, search methods, conversational guidance, and analytic insight into one platform

Assured contact center agent confidence with the single trusted answer to customer questions

Consistency and process compliance at scale across touchpoints

Rich functionality out of the box for quick business value—say goodbye to multi-year development, customization, and integration projects with toolkits

Easy governance, insights, and optimization

Customer Success at Scale

BT transformed their customer service operation across thousands of contact center agents and hundreds of stores with eGain Knowledge Hub.

Analyst overview of the Knowledge Management landscape

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