Video | Digitalize the Contact Center Agent Desktop

An eGain-CRM Magazine Webinar

There has been deservedly a lot of focus on digitalizing the customer experience (CX). Though the results from CX initiatives have been questionable—industry research data such as the Forrester CX Index show that CX has essentially been stagnant or declining in many sectors—businesses at least seem to be trying. On the other hand, they have all but ignored the agent experience or AX. No wonder a Gartner survey of over 2,000 agents revealed that only 16% of contact centre agents find their desktop tools to be useful in resolving customer issues.

In a digital-first, and often digital-only world, agents are struggling with desktop tools designed for phone customer service in the 1990s. According to Gartner, agents hop across an average of 8.2 different tools and have 23 interactions with colleagues while handling an average of 130 different customer support interactions, just in a day! No wonder agent churn remains sky-high while CX has been in eternal doldrums.

The answer? Digitalize the agent desktop. 


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