Virtual Agents for Customer Service

Why virtual agents

This is Maya, the know-all virtual agent for the retail sectorThis is Phone, the eccentric smartphone virtual agentThis is David, a virtual agent fashioned after your call center agentThis is Zoe, a fashion virtual agent




While remote or work-at-home agents are also referred to as virtual agents, the term is sometimes used to refer to virtual customer assistants, concierge, avatars, or whatever you may want to call them.

  • Virtual agents engage customers 24×7, they don’t take time off, and done right, they can help contain or reduce customer service costs, while reinforcing the brand.
  • They can be face-less or fronted by avatars and personal digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Siri.

Why eGain

eGain has had virtual agent technology since the late 1990s. Over the years, we have not only advanced the solution but also developed best practices for success.

eGain Virtual Assistant™ is not only powered by AI technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and reasoning, and backed by a mature knowledge base, but is also unified with human-assisted channels and proven at scale.

Know how to best use virtual agents for customer service and engagement

eGain’s award-winning virtual agents are multilingual and, unlike other alternatives, integrate with human-assisted interaction channels for a seamless customer journey.

As a pioneer in this domain, eGain has compiled best practices in VA deployment over the years. This articles covers some popular ones.

VA deployment tips

What a virtual agent can do for your business

From paper and phones to digital customer service: A tax agency’s journey of CX transformation

  • 257,000 interactions were handled using the Virtual Assistant instead of a human agent.
  • Adoption of digital services has reduced paper consumption by 21%. With their printing costs running to £96 M, this alone is a tremendous change!

Manufacturer of windows and patio doors innovates with eGain guidance

The business had a unique problem. Customer calls could relate to vintage products that were 20 years or older. And the business realized it was sending 1 in every 22 parts wrong! Know how eGain and the manufacturer partnered to turn around its customer service delivery.


Virtual guidance in leading telecom

eGain virtual guidance is used by this telco’s 10,000 contact center agents plus the staff in 600 retail outlets to mind-boggling customer experience and employee experience results.


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