It’s time to Turn On eGain AssistGPT

Your Generative AI Assistant

What is it?

eGain AssistGPT assists and automates knowledge management, content authoring, and agent tasks in contact centers. It delivers consumable, correct, and compliant answers to agents in their customer conversations and customers in their self-service journeys. It is free to use for existing Knowledge and Conversation Hub customers until June 30, 2024. All you need to do is turn it on in your eGain application. Read on to find out how.

What can it do?

eGain AssistGPT can automate and assist time-consuming tasks for Knowledge Managers, Knowledge Authors, and Contact Center Agents. For example:

Knowledge Hub

  • Write an article based on template
  • Improve article using feedback
  • Change tone or style of article
  • Reformat articles for readability
  • Generate article metadata

Conversation Hub

  • Summarize in-flight conversation
  • Auto-classify and wrap up case
  • Custom actions in the Advisor Desktop

That is just a taste of what you can do ‘out of the box’. With AssistGPT Prompt Manager, you can create and fine-tune prompts to use AssistGPT more effectively and better meet the needs of your customers, agents, and authors.

How do I turn it on?

You can activate eGain AssistGPT in minutes. You need to have the Partition Administrator role. Just follow these steps:

  • Log into the Administration Console.
  • From the Partition and Departments dropdown menu, go to the partition space.
  • In the Navigation menu, browse to Apps > AI Services.
  • On the AI Services page, configure the following settings under the Instant Answers section:
    • Use Generative AI to construct an Instant Answer: Select the checkbox to enable generated Instant Answers to be presented as solutions on Knowledge Portals.
  • On the AI Services page, configure the following settings under the AssistGPT section:
    • Use prompts for agents and authors to write articles, update article metadata, compose emails, and more: Click the Toggle button to enable or disable AssistGPT capabilities. Once you enable this setting, the AssistGPT button is visible in the Knowledge Console and the Advisor Desktop.

Where can I learn more?

The eGain Community is the go-to destination to connect with experts and other users in the community who are already using eGain AssistGPT. Got questions? Ask away!

Want to become an AssistGPT expert yourself? Then login to eGain University and sign up for the AssistGPT course to learn all there is to know.

Turn on AssistGPTTM today and put the power of Generative AI to work for you!

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