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January 10, 2022

What Needs to Change to Fix Banking’s Totally Busted Sales Model

Bank and credit union sales practices are broken. Most branch staff are order takers or product pushers while digital channels are simply brochureware. With his decades long experience as a megabank sales executive, Evan Siegel details the failures and lays out the way to correct them by delivering advice and guidance at scale.

The Financial Brand

January 5, 2022

Digital Customer Service Predictions for 2022 and How to Excel

Customer service digitalization had been under way even prior to the onset of COVID, but the pandemic elevated it to the top of CxO agendas. We predict that demand will continue to grow exponentially not only for DCS but also for modern knowledge management that is up to snuff to meet today’s requirements for handling more complex customer queries and automate compliance at scale. Here are the megatrends we see for 2022.


December 22, 2021

Knowledge Management: Don’t Do Digital Customer Service Without It

In a 2020 consumer survey, conducted by Dimensional Research for eGain, 80% of respondents said they increased their use of digital channels amid COVID—92% of Gen Z, 87% of millennials, and 69% of baby boomers. Moving on, what should have been the post-pandemic era became the long-tail variant era. As a result, digital customer service will continue to see more adoption across all age groups. Why does good digital customer service continue to be a struggle though? That’s the insight offered in this Medium article. Hint: Without knowledge management, digital customer Service is pointless to do.


December 16, 2021

Reimagining Financial Education in the Human + Digital Era

PixelSpoke spoke to Evan Siegel, eGain’s VP, Financial Services AI Solutions, for its latest episode of The Remarkable Credit Union podcast. They spoke about financial education and why it is so hard for credit unions to help their members achieve financial wellness. Listen to the podcast. The transcript is also available at the site.


December 10, 2021

Knowledge Management: The Cure for Contact Center Agent Training Ills in the Variant-Era

According to recent research published by the ILO (International Labour Organization), a whopping 90% of companies reported that their training programs have been disrupted. With the post-pandemic era still out of reach, these challenges will continue. Knowledge management can help businesses tide over the issue by training and guiding agents on the job. The article offers some insights.


December 06, 2021

Modern Knowledge Management Systems For Contact Center Agents: The Benefits And How To Choose One

Working as a contact center agent was never for mere mortals. You needed to be Einsteinian in brains and Clintonian in empathy while working within often Taylorian management techniques. And the job has gotten even harder. What’s missing and what’s the solution? Anand Subramaniam, eGain SVP of Marketing, attempts an answer in this Forbes article.


December 01, 2021

How credit unions can overcome their biggest threat

Why do business with a credit union? NerdWallet and U.S. News proclaim that credit unions deliver superior service and interest rates. But many young consumers equate good service with technology. How can credit unions then create differentiation compared to larger banks? Here’s the solution. Via Credit Union National Association.

Credit Union National Association

November 16, 2021

The IRS demonstrates how eGain transformed tax season at KMWorld Connect 2021

The last keynote at KMWorld Connect 2021 explored “The Secret Ingredient in Digital Transformation of Customer Engagement: Knowledge Hub” with Ashu Roy, chief executive officer, eGain and Anne Shepherd, associate chief information officer, Internal Revenue Service. Anne shared how IRS partnered with eGain to enhance the experience of the American taxpayer. Read a summary or view the video recording of the keynote.


November 15, 2021

Customer Self-Service: How To Take It To The Next Level

Per Gartner, a whopping 91% of customers wind up escalating issues to human agents because of the failure of self-service. Today’s customers are looking to accomplish far more with self-service, not just check their account balances and order status. In this Forbes article, Anand Subramaniam deconstructs the self-service process into four steps, details what the pitfalls in each step are, and describes how to fix them by leveraging modern technology, adoption methods, and best practices.


November 15, 2021

2021 KM Reality Award winner: BT Consumer

This is an insightful, revealing case study on what knowledge management is capable of achieving when implemented with best practices and the right technologies and partner. BT Consumer won the KMWorld KM Reality Award 2021 for its implementation of its knowledge management program.


October 12, 2021

#2690: How Credit Unions Can Overcome Today’s Member Service Threats with Virtual Financial Coaching…

This CUbroadcast interview is based on Evan Siegel’s blog post that he wrote for Filene Research Institute, Humanizing the Digital Experience: How Virtual Financial Coaching Can Help Credit Unions Win Again on Member Service. Here he talks of how credit unions can regain their status as member service leaders.


October 04, 2021

The Missing Ingredient In Digital Transformation Targeting Customer Engagement

Lacking a modern knowledge brain, most businesses end up shuttling customers from channel to channel, serving inconsistent (and often incorrect) answers via chatbots and freshman frontline staff. How can businesses improve the user experience? What is the missing ingredient? eGain’s CEO, Ashu Roy, explains in this Forbes article.


September 22, 2021

Humanizing the Digital Experience: How Virtual Financial Coaching Can Help Credit Unions Win Again on Member Service

Evan Siegel of eGain and GreenPath Financial Wellness explain how credit unions can use advice to once again become the financial services provider of choice. Via Filene Research Institute.


July 20, 2021

Solving the financial sector’s contact center challenge

Delivering a great customer experience as call volumes grow is strengthening the business case for AI in the contact center. The eGain-BT partnership provides the AI solution financial companies need to enhance CX and agent experience. Learn more in BT’s Marc Blanco’s blogpost.


June 16, 2021

The Sustainable Work-From-Home Contact Center: Deliver Contextual Knowledge and Conversational Guidance

Contact Center Pipeline interviews eGain’s Anand Subramaniam about the top challenges contact centers faced to maintain service quality after the pandemic outbreak. He believes that providing tools like contextual knowledge and conversational guidance can transform the work-from-home (WFH) agent’s experience, and suggests ways to make a successful transition to a permanent WFH model.

Contact Center Pipeline

June 11, 2021

Mission Failure: The Banking Industry’s Approach to Financial Health

Banks and credit unions proclaim their mission is to help consumers achieve financial success. Few live up to that aspiration, however. In this article are six roadblocks to delivering successful financial health programs and the measures to overcome them.

The Financial Brand

April 12, 2021

#2527: Why the Banking Industry Struggles to Move the Needle in Financial Wellness

Evan Siegel, Vice President, Financial Services AI Solutions, eGain and Rick Bialobrzeski, Chief Business Development Officer, GreenPath joined Mike Lawson for a discussion on CUbroadcast, a credit union talk show.

They talked about Virtual Financial Coach, how credit unions can leverage the technology solution, the importance of financial wellness and why the banking industry struggles to move the needle in financial wellness, and the role of virtual financial coaching in it.


March 25, 2021

Turn Credit Declines Into A Win-Win

The economic crisis, triggered by the pandemic, has left millions of people needing credit at a time when banks are tightening lending standards. The result? A lose-lose situation, where the consumer gets a credit decline and a horrible experience, and the bank loses a potential customer. Know how to recover the customer and turn it into a win-win for both the bank and the customer.

March 08, 2021

Modernizing Knowledge Management Transforms Customer Service

In a mammoth survey, Forrester found that lack and inconsistency of knowledge among contact center agents is the biggest hurdle to getting good customer service. Five years later, amid COVID, the situation has gotten worse. Now, 57% of consumers complain about getting different answers from different touchpoints, including chatbots. The solution? Modernize knowledge management (KM) with a next-gen KM system that is omnichannel and hyper-intelligent.



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