eGain Knowledge Process Automation

A few years ago, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) was the hot technology. It helped automate routine, repetitive processes that do not require any thinking, decisioning, or expertise. Knowledge Process Automation™ (KPA), on the other hand, automates one-step or multi-step processes that require complex decisioning, reasoning, compliance, and relevant content, powered by multiple AI technologies, including ML, NLP, case-based reasoning, conversational AI, and generative AI, based on situation and context. You need a modern knowledge management platform to unify and orchestrate these technologies—ours is called the eGain Knowledge Hub™. Examples of KPA include problem resolution and product recommendation in contact centers, process execution in the enterprise, financial wellness coaching by a bot or a banker, complex decisioning by a law firm, and even medical advice in less critical situations.

But technology is just one part of process automation. You need the “whole product”, including risk-free trials, implementation and support services, ecosystem, enabled by APIs and pre-built connectors, education and certification services, customer success program, and value creation and expansion methodology. That is exactly what eGain Knowledge Process Automation™ or eGain KPA™ is. It consists of the following ingredients, all geared towards customer success:

  • Rich technology in the form of the eGain Knowledge Hub
  • The eGain Method™ professional services and value creation methodology
  • The eGain Knowledge Academy™ for self-paced training at scale and multi-level certification
  • Instructor-led training through eGain University™
  • BYO architecture, enabled by a rich API library
  • Connectors to existing CRM, CCaaS, and content management systems

eGain Knowledge Process Automation

Here are some amazing examples of transformational value creation with eGain KPA:

  • UK’s largest mobile operator achieved a 25-point improvement in NPS (Net Promoter Score) and a 35% improvement in FCR (First-Contact Resolution), while reducing agent time to competency by 50% across 30,000 contact center agents and 600 retail stores and enabling any agent to handle any call.
  • Global bank reduced agent training time by 60% and Average Handle Time by 67%, while increasing service efficiency by 70%.
  • A leading health insurance firm sustained the quality of service and reduced agent training time by 33% even as over 2000 of them had to go remote overnight due to COVID lockdowns.
  • A mammoth federal agency provides customer service at scale, while complying with regulations, across digital self-service, human-assisted chat, and digital communication, backed by the eGain Knowledge Hub. This has helped elevate both the customer and agent experience. The agency has deflected up to 70% of incoming calls to knowledge-automated virtual assistance, reduced case handling time by 25%, and improved form-filling with granular knowledge assistance within forms.

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