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6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

If Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the overall business is a red-hot topic in C-suites, AI for customer engagement and contact center customer service is white hot.

No wonder professionals, who had removed AI from their resumes, are scrambling to add it back in!

This white paper covers specific areas in this domain that offer the biggest potential for transformational ROI, and a fast, zero-risk way to innovate with AI. Download to learn more!


Knowledge in Customer Service and Your Contact Center

Transform Customer Service with Next-Gen Knowledge: Why and How

The consumer has spoken. Forrester Research recently asked 5000 of them, “What created the biggest pain when you contacted a business for customer service?” The answer was loud and clear—the lack and consistency of agent knowledge, followed by the difficulty of finding relevant answers on company websites. The feedback sounded like a broken record for customer service pain across a whole bunch of industries. So what is driving this dissatisfaction? This paper explains how next-gen knowledge transforms customer service.

Clone Your Best Agents: A 7-Step Approach

Clone your best agents to improve customer service

How can companies provide distinctive customer service and boost sales? “Cloning” the capabilities of the best customer service agents or representatives across the agent pool—in-house and outsourced—is a powerful approach that can help improve the quality and value of all interactions with customers. Starting with a unique Agent Cloning™ Framework, this paper shows you how to implement a cloning program to take your customer engagement capabilities to new levels.

The New Knowledge Management Required for Customer Service in the COVID Era

COVID-19 triggered a tsunami of demand for customer service. And while questions fell into three main types—Informational, transactional, and situational—they came in all “shapes and sizes.”

To be able to handle the range of queries in the pandemic era and beyond, businesses need a new kind of Knowledge Management (KM); not FAQs, basic keyword search, clueless chatbots, and document repositories. Know what the new KM needs to be able to do in order to elevate customer experience and achieve positive results for the business.

AI and Knowledge is Bread and Butter for Digital Experience Transformation

Digital experience or DX



Or the Theory of Experiences™


Digital experiences (DX) apply to customers, customer service agents, and a variety of business audiences—executives, managers, knowledge authors, and systems administrators, to name a few. To improve the odds of success of their DX transformation initiatives, businesses have to balance agent experience, business experience, and customer experience. In short, AX + BX + CX = DX.

And AI and knowledge, or simply AI knowledge, is critical to improving all these three elements of experiences. Know more.

Knowledge Management for Contact Centers and Help Desks: Lessons from the Global 2000

Most organizations see Knowledge Management as using technology to share critical information. To many businesses, it is maintaining a document repository that lets engineers share design data or consultants exchange best practices. To contact center and helpdesk managers, KM usually means providing agents with a problem resolution tool, which could be anything from a simple answer database to a sophisticated guided help system. We take a broader view of Knowledge Management and define it as a set of practices to maximize the business value of an organization’s knowledge by gathering, maintaining, and delivering it at critical points in business processes.

In this paper, we cover the topic in 3 steps.

  • Why Knowledge Management or KM?
  • KM Best Practices
  • KM with eGain

Knowledge Management for the Age of Mobile, Social, and Multichannel Customer Experiences

Knowledge Management is constantly evolving for organizations that adopt it. The KM strategy has to be formulated with a view to creating awesome experiences for customers. The seven lessons in this white paper for ongoing maintenance and adaptive enhancement will help to increase the value of knowledge in the omnichannel organization.

5 Web Self-Service Pitfalls: What Every Contact Center Manager Must Know

Self-service is “in,” Among consumers and among businesses. This white paper highlights five myths frequently encountered in the context of self-service strategies and implementations.

Omnichannel Engagement

Doing More with Less: Next-Generation Strategies and Best Practices for Customer Service

Do more CX with less
Our notion of next-generation customer service is derived from the innovation that we have seen in the past few years: Mission-critical processes and solutions that enable companies to gain competitive advantage from customer service.

At the core of the next-generation customer service model are an integrated framework of processes for seamless, service process automation across interaction channels, departments, and functions; unified, multichannel service; unified information and knowledge management; “anytime-anywhere” access to applications; and global contact center operations.

Know the strategies and proven best practices for next-generation customer service from this paper.


Customer Support Megatrends and Next Practices

Megatrends are not fads; they won’t go away after a while. The trick is to embrace change and stay ahead of these trends instead of getting swept away. This white paper discusses the eight megatrends transforming customer support organizations today.


Contact Center and Web Customer Experience Megatrends and Next Practices

Megatrends present unique opportunities to add strategic value to your business, reposition yourself, gain visibility, and turbocharge your career. As a leading provider of customer engagement solutions, eGain works with large as well as midsized contact center and customer service operations. In this paper, we share our unique ringside view of these CX trends and proven ways of benefiting from them. We show how innovative solutions used with proven best practices can help you rise through your organization while enabling sustainable competitive advantage for your business.


7 Innovations to Reinvent Phone Customer Service

Even as e-channel communications surpassed phone communications in volume many years ago1, the phone continues to remain popular both as a preferred single channel for some customers and transaction types, and as an important part of the omnichannel mix for many others. This paper discusses seven innovations—some incremental and some rule-changing—that you can leverage to get your phone customer service to new levels, boost customer loyalty, and drive business growth.


Designing and Delivering Customer Journeys: 10 Steps to Delight

It’s the age of the empowered, multichannel consumer. Armed with multiple devices, consumers use multiple interaction channels to engage with businesses. They even hop across touchpoints to complete a single transaction. In other words, their relationship with the business is made up of cross-touchpoint journeys. It’s no wonder then that customer journey management has become a hot topic in the C-suite and the boardroom.

How can a business get started on improving customer journeys and what are the best practices to orchestrate memorable journeys? Based on our experience in enabling smart, connected, multichannel journeys for leading enterprises around the world, we have identified 10 steps for success.


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