Overview: Innovation in 30 Days

The Unpilot Pilot from eGain

The need

Ashu Roy, our CEO, challenged us with a simple idea one day. Every CDO, CIO, and CTO he met wanted to speed up customer engagement innovation, but was bogged down by big-iron CRM, CTI, and MDM projects. Speed of innovation was a victim of IT backlog. And business stakeholders were anxious because brands were increasingly at risk in a digital world. SaaS DIY and freemium options, they contended, created more noise because they stirred sandbox-level excitement with toy prototypes rather than  demonstrate success in their context, leveraging proven best practices in a production environment. What could we do to help?

Gartner has articulated an elegant architecture to address this strategic technology conundrum. They call it “Bimodal IT.”* McKinsey calls it “two-speed IT.” Simply put, systems of engagement require rapid innovation that must work with systems of record that require robust, slow-changing cadence. Moreover, the two layers must interoperate through open interfaces—the engagement layer rapidly delivering innovative and differentiated capabilities, leveraging data and context from the systems of record that must remain rock solid.

The solution

eGain Innovation in 30 Days™ (earlier known as eGain Try+Buy™) serves this outstanding need. It is a guided innovation consumption model that is safe, easy, and risk-free. A typical client can begin delivering new digital services to customers within days. This disruptive technology offer includes:

  • Award-winning customer engagement suite with built-in best practices
  • Safe production pilot in eGain Cloud
  • Options for easy A/B testing
  • Guidance to quick business value by eGain experts
  • Risk-free delivery at no charge with no obligation to buy

Innovation in 30 days plan overview

It is a four week (wall-to-wall) guided innovation program that is safe, easy, and risk-free. We ask you to deploy it in production so that you can test alternative strategies and validate your business case with actual results. As part of this program, you also receive executive dashboard reports that connect business metrics to new capabilities and highlight the ROI at scale. Finally, this is delivered from the eGain Cloud at no charge to you. And to benefit from this offer, you do not have to commit to buy anything. Does all this sound too crazy? It is not. Over the last four years, this program has delivered risk-free, agile innovation to many eGain clients and prospects. Ask your eGain team for more details today!

*Bimodal IT: “Predicts 2015: Bimodal IT is a Critical Capability for CIOs,” Gartner research note #G00271840 by Simon Mongay and Mary Mesaglio, published November 18, 2014.

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Innovation in 30 days image“Unlike conventional SaaS trial offers, eGain Innovation in 30 Days™ is not DIY. Clients are loving the risk-free experience of guided digital innovation in the eGain Cloud!”

– Ashu Roy, CEO, eGain


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