Premier IT analyst firms continue to recognize eGain for AI and knowledge-powered digital engagement

Early in 2020, Forrester gave us the top rating for “current offering” (that is, product) in its 2020 New Wave on Digital-First Customer Service.

The trend continues!

  • More recently, in their 2020 Now Tech report on knowledge management solutions for customer service, they rated us as a “specialist” in knowledge management, which, they say, have “best-in-breed AI-fueled capabilities.”
  • This is on the heels of another premier analyst giving us the top rating on the total score for digital engagement, knowledge management, and automated engagement.
  • Over the years, we have been recognized repeatedly for our capabilities in digital customer service by big and boutique analysts alike, including many years of being a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for web customer service.

The feathers in our cap are so numerous that even they are starting to feel heavy, but we don’t mind!

Are we surprised? No. After all, we are a pioneer in digital engagement, AI, and knowledge, delivering award-winning solutions in this space for a couple of decades now. Over time, we have loaded our products with rich capabilities that deliver quick value out of the box. No expensive and time-consuming programming and customization projects needed!

Here are some recent examples of transformational business value that we have delivered.

Telco giant

  • 50% improvement in agent speed-to-competency
  • 37% improvement in First-Contact Resolution
  • 30-point improvement in Net Promoter Score
  • Across 10,000 agents and associates in ~600 retail stores!

Fast-growth SaaS provider

  • 67% improvement in time to answer
  • 62% improvement in consistency of answers
  • 35% improvement in finding the right answer

Global bank

  • 67% reduction of average handle time
  • 60% reduction in agent training time

Financial services giant

  • Up to 81% deflection of incoming calls with chatbots deployed in multiple organizations

Iconic retailer

  • 45% deflection of incoming calls with chatbot

Plus, we have built up domain expertise for delivering successful business deployments, having solved thousands of complex corner cases for the most demanding enterprise clients. We also offer zero-risk, zero-charge piloting models like no one else. Here is one example. There are other reasons, too, but we won’t list all of them here!

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