Leading International Airline Elevates Customer Service with eGain AI Knowledge

Company Overview

With over 225 aircraft and operations in more than 200 destinations, the global airline is renowned for its premium travel services, low-cost carrier, and a bustling cargo business. The company is committed to becoming one of the world’s greatest service brands, placing customers at the core of its operations.


A sprawling international airline with multiple business units, the airline has contact centers and customer service agents in cities around the world. The company had built up knowledge silos over time, making it difficult to provide a single source of truth for customer service agents. Familiar with the concept of hubs, being in the airline industry, the company wanted to implement one for knowledge to consolidate information and process know-how in a single platform for use across customer touchpoints, countries, languages, and business units.

Partnership with eGain

In response to these challenges, the airline partnered with eGain. The decision to implement eGain AI Knowledge Hub was driven by the need for a comprehensive solution that addressed content organization and consistency, search capabilities, and seamless integration with existing systems.

The airline took advantage of eGain’s unique, risk-free pilot—Innovation in 30 Days™—to get team members to experience eGain’s knowledge hub solution free of charge. The trial included hands-on guidance for success, based on process and program best practices from eGain experts, in partnership with Deloitte’s Knowledge Management practice.

A positive experience from the pilot, together with rich functionality, domain expertise, and pre-built integration with Genesys® and Microsoft SharePoint™, led to eGain’s selection as the solution of choice. eGain also provided implementation services, partnering with Deloitte


The implementation involved a strategic approach guided by Deloitte, focusing on six pillars: strategic alignment, leadership and governance, knowledge flow processes, taxonomy, technology, and people and culture. The eGain Knowledge Hub was customized to meet the airline’s specific needs, featuring elements such as read-and-sign functionality, keyword search, federated search, and templates for FAQs and guided flows.


The implementation resulted in a unified knowledge base, allowing agents to find correct and consumable information quickly. Key metrics indicated successful adoption, with 500 agents accessing the Knowledge Hub daily, 3400 active sessions, and 9000 weekly article views within the first few weeks. The implementation also streamlined communication through features like announcements and enforced compliance with read-and-sign. Challenges such as failed searches were addressed, and knowledge adoption improved significantly.


The airline’s journey with eGain showcases the transformative impact of effective knowledge management with a central hub for trusted knowledge and knowhow. The strategic alignment, strong governance, and user-centric design contributed to successful adoption by agents. The airline is actively exploring additional features of eGain, such as Gen AI, to enhance the efficiency of knowledge creation and retrieval. The establishment of a center of excellence for knowledge management reflects the airline’s commitment to continuous improvement and leveraging eGain’s solution across the enterprise.

This case study emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to knowledge management, encompassing technology, processes, and organizational culture, as demonstrated by the airline’s successful collaboration with eGain.

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