US consumers have delivered the verdict: eGain clients are rockstars in customer service!

Who are the best judges for the customer service performance of brands? The answer is obvious—it is the consumer! Newsweek surveyed 25,000 of them and Forrester Research surveyed 85,000 of them about the customer service performance of leading brands, using extensive frameworks for the evaluation.

Here is why eGain clients are rockstars!

Examples of Newsweek rankings:

  • #1 in brick-and-mortar retailers—home goods—toys (Lego)
  • #1 in brick-and-mortar retailers—home goods—outdoor sporting goods (L.L.Bean)
  • #1 in online retailers—clothing—apparel (Lands’ End)
  • #1 in transportation and travel—carsharing (Car2Go)
  • #1 in transportation and travel—travel agencies (Expedia)
  • #1 in transportation and travel—shipping and delivery services (FedEx)
  • #1 in beauty and wellness—nutrition and weight-loss programs (Weight Watchers)

Examples of Forrester CX Index rankings (client access required):

  • Banks (multichannel): #1, #2, #3, and #4 (Navy Federal Credit Union, Huntington National Bank, Regions Bank, and TD Bank)
  • Automobile manufacturers (luxury): #1 (Lincoln (Ford))
  • Credit card Issuers: #1 and #3 (Navy Fed and Discover)
  • Auto and home insurance: #3 and #5 (Leading insurance carrier and Farmers)
  • Health insurance: #3 and #4 (Highmark and Florida Blue)
  • Utilities: #3 (Georgia Power)

This is just the tip of the iceberg—many of our clients were in the top 10 in both these surveys. For instance, they had a complete sweep among multichannel banks in the Forrester ratings, taking the top 4 spots. Congrats to our clients on this stellar performance—we win when they win!

Want to become a rock star, too? Explore our zero-risk adoption model “Innovation in 30 days™” or you can just talk to us to get (rock and) rolling!

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